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Recover in comfort

CareRooms have created a stress-fee and supportive environment that can help optimise recovery, for you or a loved one.

CareRooms Guest Reviews

Archie | Guest

My CareRooms stay was so very special, it was much needed respite from being a full-time carer for my loved one.


Denny | Guest

I found Maureen to be wonderful and really supportive after my operation. The room was lovely and the food was top-notch too! 


Romilla | Guest

I wanted to thank you for the opportunity of staying in a CareRoom, it was a pleasure staying with such a nice host. Margaret was very accommodating and helpful.


Get Better in the Right Environment

Hospitals are great places to get treatment, but mounting evidence shows that they are not necessarily the best for convalescence and recovery after an operation or illness. Sometimes there’s not enough support at home to make it the best place to become fit and healthy again, either.

That’s where CareRooms comes in.

CareRooms matches carefully vetted Hosts with people who need a comfortable and safe space to get back to their best. Hosts have rooms that have been inspected and specially modified by CareRooms to become the ideal recovery environments.

Partners and Accreditations

More than a Room

Those who have just left hospital don’t only need a room, they need encouragement, companionship, nourishment and monitoring.

That’s exactly what a CareRooms Guest gets. 

Friendly Hosts provide encouragement and companionship and help by preparing three high quality meals delivered to the door by CareRooms.

CareRooms also adds discreet, cutting-edge health monitoring equipment that offers 24/7 vital sign monitoring, online access to a GP via a tablet and a backup emergency alarm into every CareRoom to ensure a safe and comfortable recuperation.


  • Fully background checked households
  • SCIE and CECOPS accredited
  • Guest emergency alarm and motion camera with 24/7 entrance monitoring

Health and Recovery

  • Video GP consultations
  • Three nutritious meals a day 
  • Discreet 24/7 vital sign and health monitoring
  • Long term condition management


  • Friendly Hosts to support you and talk to
  • Friends and family can visit (some allow pets too)
  • 24/7/365 telecare services
Professor Jonathan Sackier

The word “patient” derives from the Latin “patiens” and implies “one who suffers.”

Similarly, the Latin word “hospes” meaning “guest” or “stranger” led to our name for an institution where people who are suffering come for treatment. But there comes a time when hospitals cease to be able to provide health care. When all that person needs is emotional support, meal preparation, a place to recover their strength and get back to normal, home is the best place.

But very often home is not available because there is nobody there to shop for food, to help with activities of daily living, to encourage and provide succor.

As a surgeon, I frequently saw people remain in hospital longer than necessary because social circumstances delayed discharge. Such people are vulnerable to hospital acquired infections, suffer disturbed sleep and cost the healthcare system substantial sums. As a son, I saw this exact scenario with my mother; her tiny flat was not suitable for her any longer – even with me staying there to provide assistance – and the system demanded she stayed in hospital far too long.

That is why I believe the CareRooms solution is a triple crown winner; the former hospital patient benefits from recovering in the right environment, the hospital saves money and frees up a bed for treatment and the host garners extra income and social interaction. I strongly believe that this disruptive solution is the way forwards.


Professor Jonathan Sackier

Chief Medical Officer | Carerooms

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